No-Man Schoolyard Ghosts reviewed in Classic Rock

By Kscope on June 6, 2008 in No-Man, Steven Wilson

No-Man studio pic

July 2008, Issue 120.
Review reads:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In the five years since No-Man’s aptly titled Together We’re Stranger appeared, Steve Wilson has been busy conquering the world with Porcupine Tree. Thankfully he’s continued working with singer Tim Bowness to produce an album that sits half-way between The Blue Nile’s soul-searching melancholia and the edgy menace of Laughing Stock-era Talk Talk.

Bowness’ haunted, breathy croon narrates tales of late-night heartache, rain-swept affairs and bitter-sweet long-lost summer days. Accompanied by surges of orchestral strings, icy ripples of retro-sounding guitar, it’s a soundtrack where darkness lurks below the glacial beauty of the surface. Mixtaped’s pensive air is the hair-rising closer where loss, loneliness and regret have never sounded more appealing or inviting.

Truly sublime.

Sid Smith