Nosound video for Kites

By Kscope on September 15, 2008 in New Releases, Nosound, Video

A brand new video for Kites, filmed and edited by Giancarlo Erra, is now streaming at the Nosound mini-site. The mini-site has also been updated to include a new downloadable desktop created by Giancarlo Erra too.

The site also still contains a downloadable 15 minute sample of the album, featuring The Misplay (Instrumental Coda) & From Silence To Noise recorded live, as well as the usual desktop and mobile phone downloads, and other audio samples.

The new 2CD edition of Lightdark is released physically on Kscope in the UK on September 22nd but is already available to download from all major download stores.

Formed in Italy in 2001, Giancarlo Erra’s Nosound creates a seductive and original fusion of elements of Progressive, Ambient and Post Rock. Regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the most interesting up and coming alt/art rock bands in Europe, Lightdark sees the Nosound identity evolve into something even more focused and powerful.

Lightdark inventively combines influences from ’70s psychedelia, ’80s/’90s ambient and contemporary alt/progressive rock. Recorded in Italy, England and the US throughout 2006 and 2007, the album develops further the promise of debut album Sol29 and exhibits a stronger group identity which reveals a greater contrast between atmospheric detail and the walls of sound created by the band on stage.

Highlights include the 15 minute epic From Silence to Noise, the ethereal The Misplay (with cellist Marianne DeChastelaine), and the epic piano/mellotron driven ballad Someone Starts To Fade Away (which features No-Man’s Tim Bowness on vocals).

This 2 disc edition of the album includes an exclusive five track bonus disc including the video for Lightdark.

Click here to go to the mini-site and watch Kites