New album from Nosound is now available to pre-order.

By Kscope on June 21, 2011 in New Releases, Nosound

The Northern Religion of Things was recorded by Giancarlo Erra during the rehearsal process for a special one-off ‘Nosound solo’ gig that took place in London in August 2010. Giancarlo explains: ‘Last year I was asked to perform Nosound songs on my own in a small club, in a more intimate setting. I immediately liked the idea and welcomed the challenge to create a completely new live setup’

For the gig Giancarlo had to create new arrangements for all the tracks along with the new live setup that allowed him to play keyboards and/or acoustic guitar while singing as well as using and recreating all the original sounds and effects from the original studio albums. No backtracks were used, only loops/tapes and real live played instruments.

He was so pleased with the way the results that the rehearsals were recorded and a selection from the best takes and the songs are presented here. The tracks were recorded straight from stereo outputs with no overdubs or edits involved resulting in unique interpretations of tracks from throughout the band’s catalogue, which Giancarlo has described as ‘a very personal take on the Nosound music that I really felt inside, and I hope everyone listening to this will share similar feelings.”

Giancarlo also created a promo recently for the Tender Claim track, watch it below or on our Vimeo channel.

Pre-order the album here