Gavin Harrison performs live on the David Letterman show

By Kscope on August 24, 2011 in Gavin Harrison, Live, Porcupine Tree

Last night Kscope artist Gavin Harrison performed live on the David Letterman show.

Watch the show here

Gavin, who is Porcupine Tree’s drummer as well as a respected solo artist, was performing as part of Letterman’s second ‘drum-solo week’. Other artists that are appearing this week include Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Neil Peart (Rush) who also played on the show during the first ‘drum-solo week’.

Circles, Gavin’s recent album with 05Ric, was released last year on Kscope. He will be returning with a new album next year.

Click here to visit Gavin Harrison’s Circles mini-site