Steve Hogarth & Richard Barbieri – TOUR CANCELLED

By Kscope on July 17, 2013 in Richard Barbieri, Steve Hogarth

Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri have cancelled the tour on which they were set to perform their 2012 album Not The Weapon But The Hand in full.

Hogarth barbieri

The trek, which included shows in Manchester and London in September, has been called off as a result of financial issues.

Marillion frontman Hogarth says in a statement: “We have worked hard and planned carefully to make this tour a memorable musical event. We assembled a brilliant creative unit of talented musicians and performers and were careful to communicate to our respective fan-bases the intention to play a spectrum of music from across our careers.

“Unfortunately, the process has seen expenses spiralling beyond our initial estimates, and tough economic times have led to a slow take-up of ticket sales so far. Financially the tour just won’t work.

“We can’t compromise the quality of the band or the performance; and, in this instance, we’re not backed by a large corporation. All expenses and losses will have to be incurred personally. This has left us with little alternative but to pull the plug on the project.”

The pair hope to stage the tour at some point in the future, when their respective Marillion and Porcupine Tree schedules allow.

Hogarth adds: “We’re grateful to those of you who rushed out early and bought tickets. We will do all we can to ensure existing ticket-holders are refunded.

“We do appreciate that there may be people who have incurred travel and hotel expenses in connection with our tour and, especially during these tough times, we are truly sorry if you are out of pocket over this.”