New Website Launches with 12 Days of Khristmas giveaways

12 DaysWelcome to the new Kscope website.

To launch the new site, celebrate the festive season and thank you for all your support over the past year, we are launching a special 12 days of Khristmas celebration…

For the next 12 days (excluding weekends) we’ll be offering special Kscope giveaways each day. These giveaways will vary from day-to-day, it could be a free MP3 to download, rare or signed products, album artwork, previously unseen videos or even test pressings of vinyl releases…

Each day will feature on a different Kscope artist so make sure to check back regularly to get the chance to grab some goodies.



The twelfth day of Khristmas is… KATATONIA

In September 2013 Katatonia returned with Dethroned & Uncrowned released through Pledge Music and in partnership with Kscope.

Dethroned & Uncrowned, a reworking of 2012’s Dead End Kings album, released on sister label Peaceville Records, allowed the band to explore a more progressive sound, creating new moods and textures while still staying truthful to the core of the songs.

In May 2014 Katatonia will take their ‘Unplugged & Reworked’ set-up on the road for the first time, presenting an intimate evening with the band each night performing tracks from Dethroned & Uncrowned alongside atmospheric classics from their entire career, stripped and reworked. For the full tour dates go to www.kscopemusic.com/katatonia

For the final of our ’12 Days of Khristmas’ giveways we have created a new video for the track ‘Lethean’. The video marries the audio from the Dethroned & Uncrowned version with the visuals that Lasse Hoile created for the original Dead End Kings track.

Watch this video on YouTube

Katatonia'Dead End Kings' front cover 1400 57ze large859 large861 large2182 large1652

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The eleventh day of Khristmas is… NOSOUND

Regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the most interesting up and coming alt/art rock bands in Europe, Nosound inventively combine ’70s psychedelia, ’80s/’90s ambient and contemporary alternative, progressive and post rock. The project started as a one-man studio project in 2002 by Giancarlo Erra, but has since grown into a five-piece band. The music is evocative and intense, with influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Brian Eno, through to Porcupine Tree and Sigur Ros.

In 2013, the band released Afterthoughts, their fourth studio album, For the album, Giancarlo and the band have been joined by the former Porcupine Tree and Blackfield drummer, Chris Maitland.

This was followed by re-mastered deluxe edition of Lightdark, the band’s breakthrough album which was released in November.

In between these releases the band played at the first night of the Kscope 5th anniversary shows at the Garage in London and today as part of our ’12 Days of Khristmas’ celebrations we are giving away a free download of their performance of ‘I Miss the Ground’,  a track which originally appears on the Afterthoughts album.

We are also offering a set of test pressings for Afterthoughts as the eleventh gift of our ’12 Days of Khristmas’ giveaways. To stand a chance of winning, simply enter your email address above to download the live track and we’ll pick one of the names at random.

Nosound Nosound - At the Pier Nosound

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The tenth day of Khristmas is… PORCUPINE TREE

Despite 2013 being something of a hiatus year for Porcupine Tree, the band’s various members remain busy.

In addition to the vinyl edition of PT’s Stupid Dream which was released on Kscope in August, there were also releases on the label from Steven Wilson and Gavin Harrison (along with 05Ric). Richard Barbieri continued his collaboration with Marillion’s Steve Hogarth while Colin Edwin has been working on a number of projects and played live with Henry Fool at the Kscope 5th anniversary gigs in London.

Porcupine Tree

 Porcupine Tree

The tenth gift of our 12 days of Khristmas promotion is a highly collectable piece of memorabilia from the band’s history. In May 2010 the premiere of Anesthetize, a concert film capturing the band on the Fear of a Blank Planet tour, was screened at the Prince Charles cinema in London. We have one of the 40″ x 30″ posters that were made for the outside of the cinema to give away.

Email your name and address to thisisnotacompetition@kscopemusic.com with PORCUPINE TREE in the subject, and we will pick a winner at random from everyone who emails in.

We also have a video taken from Octane Twisted, a later concert film recorded during the tour to support the band’s latest album The Incident. Here is the video for ‘Time Flies’, filmed at the Chicago Riviera show

Watch this video on YouTube
Watch this video on Vimeo

Anesthetize-Blu-Ray KSCOPE217_RGB KSCOPE107-COVER

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The ninth day of Khristmas is… HENRY FOOL

Men Singing, the second album by Henry Fool was released in April this year. The album is an ambitious four track instrumental album featuring members of No-Man, I Monster and Roxy Music.

Mastered by award-winning Pink Floyd sound engineer, Andy Jackson, Men Singing was produced and arranged by band founders keyboardist Stephen Bennett and guitarist Tim Bowness (Steven Wilson’s creative partner in No-Man) and mixed by Jarrod Gosling (I Monster/Regal Worm), who also contributes Mellotron, glockenspiel and artwork. It also features Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Peter Chilvers, Michael Bearpark, Andrew Booker, Myke Clifford and Steve Bingham.

A vibrant and instinctive contemporary take on Progressive, Psychedelic and Jazz Rock styles, Men Singing is available on CD and vinyl. Now as part of the ’12 Days of Khristmas’ giveaway we are offering a signed copy of the album. Email your name and address to thisisnotacompetition@kscopemusic.com with HENRY FOOL in the subject, and we will pick a winner at random from everyone who emails in (please state if you want CD or LP)

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In addition, we also have an exclusive, previously unreleased Henry Fool track. The track is a combination of two pieces that were recorded around the time of the Men Singing sessions. Titled ‘Dark Cloud Simon (work in progress)’ it may form the basis of a future Henry Fool song. The band described it as: “Starting off with Tim Bowness on guitars and Jarrod Gosling on keyboards/glockenspiel, ‘Dark Cloud Simon’ morphs into an edit from the sessions that produced Henry Fool’s Men Singing album. Like ‘Dark Cloud Simon’ himself, sweet, menacing and just a tiny bit deranged.”

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The eighth day of Khristmas is… ANATHEMA

2013 proved to be another triumphant year for Anathema. The band toured the US for the first time in many years and also released Universal, a multi-media release which documented the band’s triumphant one-off show at the ancient Roman theatre of Philippopolis with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra in September 2012.

This incredible night was captured by acclaimed filmmaker Lasse Hoile (Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Dream Theater) and Universal  is available on a variety of formats allowing fans to enjoy the show on Blu-ray, DVD and CD. The gig is also available on vinyl with Untouchable, a companion  piece.

The set has been described as ‘a mesmerising feast’ by Metal Hammer and a ‘sumptuous live recording of a band at their zenith’ by Prog, whose critics also voted the release #1 in multi-media category their end of year poll.

For the latest of our ’12 Days of Khristmas’ giveaways we have a video of the track ‘Thin Air’ taken from the film.

Watch this video on YouTube
Watch this video on Vimeo

In addition we also have the artwork proofs for Untouchable. To have a chance of winning this, just email thisisnotacompetition@kscopemusic.com with ANATHEMA in the subject, and we will pick a winner at random from everyone who emails in.

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The seventh day of Khristmas is… THE PINEAPPLE THIEF

The Pineapple Thief are currently in the studio recording their new album set for release in spring 2014. Despite the lack of a new album this year it has still been a pretty hectic year for Bruce Soord and co.

The band have been on numerous tours, released a new EP as well as continuing the process of remixing and re-mastering various albums from their catalogue. New editions of What We Have Sown and One Three Seven were released early this year and these were followed by a deluxe edition of Tightly Unwound, the first album to be released on Kscope.

pineapple thiefKSCOPE274 Pineapple Thief Pineapple Thief The Pineapple Thief - All the Wars baw

Tightly Unwound is available as a 2CD set and on double orange vinyl. We are now offering a set of test pressings for the album as the seventh gift of our 12 days of Khristmas giveaways.  To get your hands on the TPs just email thisisnotacompetition@kscopemusic.com with THE PINEAPPLE THIEF in the subject, and we will pick a winner at random from everyone who emails in.

In addition to the test pressings we also have the score sheets used by the orchestra when recording the band’s 2012 album All The Wars.  These will be given away as runners up prizes to a selection of the emails that we get for the test pressing.

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The sixth day of Khristmas is… MOTHLITE

2013 was probably Kscope’s busiest year with new releases almost every month. The last of these was just this week when Máthair, a new EP from Mothlite was released on 10″ vinyl and download. Máthair features four new tracks plus a remix of ‘Seeing In The Dark’, a track from last year’s Dark Age album.

Dark Age, the follow-up to 2008’s The Flax Of Reverie, was rated as one of the top 50 albums of 2012 by The Quietus, who described it as, ‘a startling, frank examination of the human (and perhaps especially male) condition delivered via synth bombast and towering choruses’. The NME stated; ‘listening to ‘Dark Age’ can feel like sensory immersion… the album transcends genre, yet takes elements from the dark shadows of industrial rock and the glitch of electronica…it’s a beguiling affair’, while Wire noted that ‘O’Sullivan is steadily carving a niche for himself as a highly accomplished avant-pop polymath.’

Work has already started on VELD, the third Mothlite album, but today as our sixth gift as part of the ’12 Days of Khristmas’ we have ‘Belles’, a previously unreleased Mothlite track for you.

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Mathair mothlite-darkage-vinyl Mothlite


The fifth day of Khristmas is… SAND

North Atlantic Oscillation are currently working on their third album which will be released on Kscope in 2014. Before they started this process Sam Healy, NAO’s frontman and songwriter, released Sand, the self titled debut album from his new solo project.

Sand allowed Healy to experiment with ideas and themes which he didn’t feel would work on a NAO album and it was described by The Big Issue as ‘a bright, bold kaleidoscopic album that makes the Super Furry Animals sound as pedestrian as The Libertines’ (FOUR STARS)

Today as part of our ’12 Days of Khristmas’ giveaway, we can reveal ‘Liferaft’, an exclusive previously unreleased track from the album sessions.


Go to the www.kscopemusic.com/sand for more info on the album or to the Kscope store to order a copy www.kscopemusic.com/store


The fourth day of Khristmas is… ULVER

Early pioneers of Norwegian black metal, Ulver have continually evolved throughout their career and now inhabit a place entirely their own, blending rock, pop, electronica, symphonic and classical traditions along with progressive and/or avant-garde forms to create ground-breaking material.

The diversity of the band and the projects that they undertake was evident in their two releases on Kscope during 2013.

In April a CD +DVD set was released which captured the band’s landmark gig at The Norwegian Opera House. The 2 hour concert married tracks from throughout the band’s catalogue to stunning visuals to create a spectacle fitting for such a grand venue. The evening was captured on 6 HD cameras and the audio has been mixed for this release in the band’s own Crystal Canyon Studios.

This was followed later in the year with Messe I.X–VI.X, a new studio album. Messe I.X–VI.X was commissioned last year by the Tromsø Kulturhus (House of Culture) in Norway, in a cooperation with the Arctic Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra cultural institution. It was composed and first performed live by Ulver, alongside the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra in September  2012. The band then took the recordings back to Oslo and spent winter and spring in post-production, honing the material for its studio-equivalent.

For the fourth of our 12 days of Khristmas giveaways, we are streaming a video of ‘Not Saved’ from The Norwegian Opera House concert, and a new track from Messe I.X–VI.X, ‘Son of Man’.

Watch this video on YouTube
Watch this video on Vimeo

In addition to this we are giving away a white label test-pressing of the vinyl edition of Messe. To get your hands on the LPs just email thisisnotacompetition@kscopemusic.com with ULVER in the subject, and we will pick a winner at random from everyone who emails in.

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The third day of Khristmas is… STEVEN WILSON

2013 has been an incredible year for Steven Wilson. In February he released The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories), his third solo album. The album was a huge critical and commercial success, earning numerous 5 star reviews and charting well across the world, debuting at #3 in the German national chart, #28 in the UK top 40, #57 in the US Billboard top 200, #16 in Holland and #17 in Finland. The album has since been named Album of the Year at the Progressive Music Awards and #1 in the Prog Magazine Critic’s Choice Poll.

Steven assembled a virtuoso band to record the album and subsequently embarked on a successful world tour. The band, currently made-up of Guthrie Govan (guitar), Adam Holzman (keyboards), Theo Travis (flute / sax), Nick Beggs (bass / stick), and Chad Wackerman (drums). Chad, who was Frank Zappa’s longest serving drummer, has replaced Marco Minnemann, who played on the album and on the previous tour.

A highlight of the second leg of this tour was a gig at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall. Today’s giveaway in the Kscope ’12 days of Khristmas’ is an exclusive look behind the scene on this special day.


Watch this video on YouTube
Watch this video on Vimeo

Go to the mini-site at www.kscopemusic.com/stevenwilson/ for more info on The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) and Drive Home, a multi-media set (CD+ DVD/Blu-ray) which was released in October.

Head over to the Kscope store for special 12 days of Khristmas deals including… discounts on the Deluxe 4 Disc Set of Get All You Deserve, the standalone Blu-Ray version, the regular version of Grace for Drowning, the Insurgentes film 2DVD set, the Insurgentes RMXS CD, and Insurgentes posters.


SW I A1 POSTER BLANK.inddKSCOPE513-300px   STEVEN WILSON  large1848 small4143  small1381


The second day of Khristmas is… BLACKFIELD

Aviv Geffen returned earlier this year with IV, the latest Blackfield album featuring Steven Wilson and other special guests.

Blackfield was started by Aviv and Steven in 2001 and had previously released the critically acclaimed albums Blackfield (2004), Blackfield II (2007) and 2011’s Welcome To My DNA. Aviv contributed the writing and vocals on Blackfield IV, with Steven – who also mixed the album – adding guitar and vocal parts. The new album also includes guest vocal performances from Brett Anderson (Suede), Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev) and Vincent Cavanagh (Anathema).

Firefly (featuring Brett Anderson of Suede)

More info on the album can be found on the album mini-site at www.kscopemusic.com/blackfield.

blackfieldblackfieldiv-vinyl blackfieldii-vinyl   blackfield-vinyl-w

As part of our 12 days of Khristmas we are giving away all four Blackfield albums on heavyweight (180g) vinyl. To get your hands on the LPs just email thisisnotacompetition@kscopemusic.com and we will pick a winner at random from everyone who emails in.

Head over to the Kscope store for special ’12 days of Khristmas’ deals including reduced prices on the Jewel Case versions of Welcome to My DNA and  IV, now available in the Kscope Store, and the vinyl editions of Blackfield I and IV.

Welcome to My DNA IVblackfieldblackfieldiv-vinyl


The first day of Khristmas is… WISDOM OF CROWDS

In June, Wisdom of Crowds, the debut album from the partnership of Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse was released. Bruce is best known as the frontman of The Pineapple Thief, while Jonas is lead vocalist with Katatonia.

The album was named as one of The Guardian’s albums of the year who described it as ‘a mesmerising and melancholy exercise in wonderfully subtle song craft’. Rocksound said it was, ‘steeped in pedigree, immersive and gracefully executed’, Metal Hammer said it was  ‘the sound of two supremely talented artists snatching magic from the ether’ (9/10) while Kerrang! declared it ‘a bit of a corker’.

The album was so well received that the duo are now on tour around Europe. Full dates, videos, info, reviews and more can all be found on the Wisdom of Crowds mini-site at www.kscopemusic.com/wisdomofcrowds/


Your God (Instrumental)

Printer’s Proof Giveaways

For the first of day of our ’12 days of Khristmas’ giveaways we are sharing a previously unheard instrumental version of the track ‘Your God’, and also giving away the printer’s proof of the Special Edition Mirrored Digibook of the album.

woc-proof2To have a chance of winning this unique piece of memorabilia like and share this ’12 Days’ post from Kscope’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kscopemusic). The winner will be chosen at random from all those who share. We’ll send a direct message to the lucky winner.

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