Se Delan sign to Kscope – Debut album, ‘The Fall’ to be released in spring 2014

By Kscope on December 11, 2013 in New Signing, Se Delan

Se Delan

Kscope are pleased to announce the signing of Se Delan, the latest band to join the label’s roster. Se Delan are a duo made up of Justin Greaves, the multi-instrumentalist leader of Crippled Black Phoenix and Belinda Kordic, a Swedish singer who previously recorded as Killing Mood.

Greaves initially came to prominence as drummer with seminal sludge metal act Iron Monkey and went on to form Crippled Black Phoenix in 2004. CBP has since been the sole focus of his musical output, recording seven albums, embarking on countless tours and working with a host of different artists.

Se Delan’s debut album, The Fall, will be released in April. The album feels distinct from anything Greaves has worked on before, while still retaining key elements. The duo have shared the writing duties on the album, with Justin making the music and Belinda creating the words and vocals. The combination of shared influences (‘music, film and life’) and a mutual understanding of the way each other works has resulted in a beguiling and haunting album.

Here are a couple of teaser demo clips from the band’s Soundcloud profile:

Potential dates with one of their new label mates at Kscope are already being discussed and these live plans are part of a wider view which illustrates how seriously the duo are taking this album and Se Delan as whole, with Justin quick to dismiss any notion of Se Delan being some kind of one-off side project. ‘Belinda and myself take this really seriously and we wouldn’t have started this thing if we weren’t completely committed, we’re too old to be mucking about with “projects”, we just want to carry on making our music.’

Admitting that they had ‘absolutely no idea of who would sign us when we decided to make an album’, they were introduced to Kscope. ‘We found they are down to earth guys, they didn’t tell us we’re “the best band on the planet” and all that mumbo-jumbo like some labels would just to get you on board.’ Justin explains, ‘the way they (Kscope) approach the releases of all their artists seems genuinely supportive and they have some good ideas about how it comes across from a marketing point of view.’

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