Starmus Festival announces Rick Wakeman, Brian May, Nosound, Katerina Mina and Alexandros Hahalis for this year’s festival

By Kscope on August 28, 2014 in Live, Nosound

N-posterThe countdown has begun to the festival, which is to take place in Tenerife from 22 to 27 September, with an announcement of more news on what will be an unforgettable festival. The organisation has already selected the winner of the festival’s astrophotography competition and has published the new additions to the musical line up that will doubtlessly make this event unique, with music and stars joining the leading figures in contemporary science. The festival management has also confirmed an unforgettable programme for the closing ceremony that is bound to provide the finishing touch to this great event.

In the words of the founder and director of the Starmus Festival, Garik Israelian, “music is another of the festival’s great facets, which is why – like the panel of speakers – its musical line up includes a very special list of names”. The line up for Starmus includes internationally famous stars like Katerina Mina and also discovers new talents currently on their way to success, as is the case of Alexandros Hahalis and Nosound. While Alexandros Hahalis takes new experimental paths with his music, Nosound has a very well-defined style that is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and taken further with incredible new musical sounds. For the experience to be complete and magical, Garik Israelian explains the importance of the Starmus Party at the El Teide Observatory as part of the festival to the rhythm of Nosound. “It will be a mystical experience that nobody present will forget.

Katerina Mina is one of the great revelations of modern-day European opera. This beautiful soprano, half Greek half Cypriot, has received excellent critique from bel canto, especially for the maturity of her voice and her surprising staging. A graduate from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, Katerina has worked at some of the main international theatres over a very short time, performing the great works of this genre. The singer has also recently released her first CD – Chopin’s 17 Polish Songs & Schumann’s Frauenliebe und-Leben – with the pianist Elena Mouzalas.

The other great addition to the musical line up at Starmus is the progressive rock band Nosound, which started up in 2002 as a personal project of the Italian Giancarlo Erra and that was gradually joined by new members. The band has its own, very marked style that reflects the influence of the great ambassadors of this genre, such as Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros or Brian Eno, and to which it gives an atmospheric character of spacial sounds. With several albums already released, the band is becoming more and more famous in Europe and is to bring some very intimate sounds to the festival to provide atmosphere for the Starmus Party at the El Teide Observatory, one of the main events for those attending Starmus 2014.

As well as the ‘Sonic Universe‘ concert headed by the great Rick Wakeman, the former keyboard player for the progressive rock band YES, and with an exceptional guest in the form of the former Queen guitarist Brian May, Starmus will have many major artists with different musical styles to put sound to astronomy and to help make the event an unforgettable experience.

Further information at www.starmus.com