Engineers release ‘A Million Voices’ single on 19th January

By Kscope on December 22, 2014 in Digital, Engineers, Vinyl

KSCOPE311S-350Engineers have announced that they will be releasing the track ‘A Million Voices’ taken from their recently released, fourth album, Always Returning on 19th January.

Engineers’ Mark Peters explained that the song was written in 2010 just after Andrew Sweeney and Daniel Macbean left the band – he explains “the subject was still a bit too raw to include the song on our ‘In Praise of More’ album but after time I felt like finishing it and everything has turned out ok, as although I’ve spoken to them on & off since, recently I’ve seen quite a bit more of them and we have had a few good nights out together.  So the release has an interesting full circle type feeling to it in some ways”

Due to be released as both a 7” vinyl and as a digital single that features the additional track ‘One Possible Ending’ a song that Mark says is “a track from the sessions of the Always Returning album but it was written about 15 years ago inspired by a road trip in the Mojave desert with some friends (amongst one of which was Dan Macbean, ex guitarist with Engineers) where we listened to our favourite ambient music, soaked up the scenery and became inspired to start the band! I wanted to record the track for years as a sort of tribute to that trip but didn’t feel my production skills where as good in that area as the tracks we listened to … I still don’t 100% but they are getting better and the track strongly reminds me of that time when I listen to it so it feels successful on that level!”

7” vinyl
A.1 A Million Voices (Edit) [03:04] B.1 Smoke and Mirrors (Demo) [03:40]


Digital single
1. A Million Voices (Edit) [03:04] 2. One Possible Ending [04:40] 3. Smoke And Mirrors (Demo) [03:40]




Press reaction to Always Returning

“Engineers have been making brilliant records for nearly 10 years now…
…it’s about time this lot got the credit they deserve” 8/10 NME

“Always Returning never wears out its welcome”  Q

“Nu-gazers’ stop-start journey hits a new high”  MOJO

“Wistful fourth album from revitalised dreampoppers”  UNCUT


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