NAO’s Sam Healy & Bill Walsh win award at Edinburgh Film Festival

By Kscope on August 26, 2015 in Awards, North Atlantic Oscillation, Sam Healy

11921619_10154186136699778_7720564697294933752_nNorth Atlantic Oscillation’s Sam Healy creates soundtrack to award winning short film at the Edinburgh Film Festival

A collaboration between NAO’s creative force, Sam Healy and film maker and some time NAO band member Bill Walsh entitled ‘Sunrise’ has been awarded Best Film at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival Short Film Challenge (site here).

On the collaboration, the winning director Bill Walsh (www.wingdesign.co.uk) says “The brief for this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival Short Film Challenge was disarmingly simple – to create a film that encapsulated the word ‘light’. After an initial discussion with Sam over a coffee, I scripted a very basic narrative that could be filmed using one camera, one actor, one composer and a few simple props. I passed on the script to Sam and let him get on with composing, while Richard and I carried on with the filming, editing and post-production. The whole thing came together quite magically (in no small way due to Sam’s hard work in terms of the music, sound design, and audio effects). We were delighted to win ‘Best Film’ this year and I greatly look forward to collaborating with Sam again on future projects.”

“When Bill first approached me about the film, his description of it was evocative enough that I was able to start work on the soundtrack before shooting began. That gave me extra time but also ran the risk of the sound and vision ending up incompatible. Luckily, when we put everything together it seemed to work. Writing music to visuals is a very different discipline from album songwriting, but it’s extremely enjoyable; particularly when the work as a whole is something you believe in.” comments Sam Healy

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