Godsticks release new lyric video for “We are Leaving”

By Freddie on November 2, 2017 in Godsticks, New Releases, Video

Godsticks release new lyric video for “We are Leaving”

Taken from their recently released new album Faced with Rage

Godsticks’ guitarist & frontman Darran Charles explains how he sought inspiration for the song from witnessing the devastating effects addiction and depravation can have on families and neighbourhoods, and the experiences of those that have to stay and those who break away.

“Although not strictly autobiographical, the song is a reflection of my growing up on an estate that during my late teens/early twenties had become infiltrated with heroin and, by association, crime. A huge number of the people I grew up with became heroin addicts and although I wasn’t personally in danger of falling into that lifestyle (as I usually did the opposite of everyone else for some reason!) I could see how easy it was to fall into the clutches of addiction, especially when all those around you had fallen victims themselves.

However, many years later some of those who did manage to escape that environment were able to beat the addiction, and I think that kind of hope is reflected in the song.”

The Cardiff based 4 piece, delivered on their promise to remain just as heavy as they were on their self-released 2015 album Emergence, but Faced with Rage has a darker feel and more industrial sound.

A variety of synth sounds have found their way into the longer song formats (brevity had been the Godsticks calling card up until this point) but as always guitar and Charles’ vocals are still at the forefront of the band’s sound; garnering praise across the UK media

“…awash with meaty riffs, pitted against moody, Porcupine Tree-esque ballads” Total Guitar

“a winning blend of aggression and emotional depth” – Prog Magazine

“…underpinned by tightly-knit thunderous rhythms, blended expertly with virtuoso leadwork” The Guitar Magazine

“an accomplished work” – Buzz Magazine

“this album is a natural progression from Emergence and could be their finest to date” – The Progressive Aspect