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Vincent Cavanagh
Danny Cavanagh
John Douglas
Jamie Cavanagh
Lee Douglas
Les Smith

Produced by Vincent & Danny Cavanagh Mixed by Steven Wilson Assisted by Danny Cavanagh, Vincent Cavanagh and John Douglas

Recorded by Les Smith and Mark Ellis. Additional recording engineers: Darryl Anthony, Jamie & Vincent Cavanagh Recorded at The Bungalow, Yorkshire and Propagation House, Cornwall String arrangements by Dave Stewart with Danny & Vincent Cavanagh and John Douglas. Orchestrated by Dave Stewart. Performed by the London Session Orchestra. Leader: Jackie Shave. Session fixer: Isobel Griffiths. Recorded by Niall Acott at Angel Studios, London Mastered by Jon Astley.
Track 1 written by Vincent Cavanagh, Danny Cavanagh and John Douglas.
Tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 10 written by Danny Cavanagh.
Tracks 8 and 9 written by John Douglas.
Additional arrangement and composition by Vincent Cavanagh.

All Photography by Jamie Cavanagt. Layout by Carl Glover.
Artwork by Vincent Cavanagh and Lasse Hoile.

Management: Andy Leff and Alx Leeks for acme music
Bookings: Derek Kemp at The Agency Group.
For tour dates, merchandise and all Anathema related websites visit:

Our deepest gratitude goes to all the fans. Without you there would be no concerts, no albums, and no bands. You make the whole thing go round. We thank you sincerely, as we thank all who have supported Anathema in so many ways.

Also we would like to thank our management for their commitment and belief in us.
Special thanks to Steven Wilson, Mark Ellis, Darryl Anthony, Mick Reed, Ian Bond, Matt Rowley, Sandor Scheeres, Kev & Diane, all at Acanthus, Lasse Hoile, Travis Smith, Rob Leeks, Carl Glover, Remy Turpault, Florence Smith, Spike, Tomi Korkalainen & Amfisound Guitars, Tony Harris & all at Kscope, Derek Kemp & all at The Agency Group.

And finally, our heartfelt love goes out to all of our closest ones, family and friends. There are no words to express our thanks to you.

Anathema plays custom made guitars by Amfisound, John Douglas plays Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

Story on Presence beautifully told by Stan Ambrose, Spoken word on Hindsight wonderfully narrated by Maren Svenning

Dreaming light er skrevet for og dedisert til storslåtte norske fjorder og til en spesiell sjel som skinner der. En del av mitt hjerte vil alltid værre der
- Danny Cavanagh

Everything is energy and energy is you and me

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