Leafblade was born out of a calling. A calling to bring the writing of Sean Jude towards a wider audience; or so thinks Mr. Cavanagh of Anathema, who originally formed Leafblade with Jude several years ago.

In May 2013 Leafblade release their new album, The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh, on the Kscope label.

Daniel and Sean are joined on the new album by Anathema’s portuguese multi instrumentalist Daniel Cardoso who plays drums, supported by Kevin Murphy and recorded by Mark Ellis who worked on Anathema’s 2010 masterpiece, We’re Here Because We’re Here.

Produced by Cavanagh, The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh steps up the dynamics from debut album Beyond, Beyond.

Showcasing Cavanagh’s unmistakable production work, his signature electric guitar playing and heartfelt ‘musical weaving’, all of which is built around Jude’s unique and brilliant progressive songwriting, his lute-like nylon strings, his articulate lyrics and passionate vocal delivery.

Cavanagh feels that the album has found a natural home at Kscope, the label that he has worked with extensively over the past few years, “the writing is absolutely top class and the progressive and organic nature of the music makes it very much part of Kscope’s orbit.”

He continues; “we feel the album is a special one thanks to the beautiful lyrics, top class arrangements and excellent musicianship, and it should appeal to Anathema fans and progressive fans alike.”

Bethlehem (8:19)
The Hollow Hills (Starry Heart) (6:33)
Sunset Hypnos (5:18)
Fuchsia (2:35)
Oak Machine (7:46)
Thirteen (7:00)
Beneath A Woodland Moon (4:36)
Portrait (10:55)


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Leafblade was born out of a calling. A calling to bring great music and great writing towards a wider audience; or so thinks Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema, who originally formed Leafblade with Sean Jude several years ago.

At the heart of Leafblade is Sean Jude — Musician, actor and poet. Sean sings, writes lyrics and composes the musical structures for Leafblade – a writer of such distinction that Daniel freely admits Sean to be amongst the greatest talents he has ever met, let alone worked with.


The first time Sean and Daniel shared a stage together was way back in the early 90s at a halloween show in Liverpool, when the fledgling Anathema supported the main act that Sean was involved with called Valle Crucis. That day Daniel felt a strong pull toward the poetic heart of that band that has stayed with him ever since.

“Even at a very tender age Sean was writing material of maturity, grace and beauty” says Daniel, and songs like ‘Sunset eagle’ which appeared on the first Leafblade album Beyond, Beyond in 2009 were composed in those formative years.

Over the years Sean’s music continued to evolve in maturity, widen in scope, his lyrics becoming ever more accomplished, until Daniel decided that the music was becoming so special it warranted his time and energy in order to help bring the work to a wider audience.

Leafblade was born.

Leafblade music has been described at once artistic, poetic, even nature-mystical.

The album is a musical and spiritual interweaving of Jude’s lute-like nylon strings, emotive and multi layered vocals and brilliant poetic lyrics with Cavanagh’s own unique, clear musical vision and counter-melodies, signature heavy rock guitar tone, subtle and emotive lead playing and sweet keyboard refrains.

Daniel and Sean have been very ably supported on the album by the brilliant Daniel Cardoso (also of Anathema) on drums and Kevin Murphy playing additional bass, a player with whom who Sean has shared a long history going back to those formative years with Valle Crucis.

By turns haunting, troubadour, far reaching, articulate, The kiss of spirit and flesh is a masterful progressive rock album for 2013 and beyond.

Daniel feels that project Leafblade has found a natural home at Kscope – the label he has worked with on his career best releases with Anathema.

Cavanagh continues. “Everyone knows how highly I rate the writing in Leafblade and the progressive nature of the music makes it very much part of Kscope’s orbit”

“We feel the record is a special one and should appeal to progressive fans and anathema fans alike.”