tyre-600pxNo-Man are Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson. Comprising the band’s sell-out performance at London’s Bush Hall in 2008, a comprehensive career-spanning documentary, and numerous extras (including newly commissioned and archive video footage), Mixtaped provides a fascinating insight into one of British music’s most unusual cult heroes.

Formed in 1987 by Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson, No-Man has produced a unique body of work that has developed from the band’s proto trip-hop/ ambient origins into something beyond easy categorisation. After receiving ecstatic press reviews, indie top 20 hits and high profile contracts in the early 1990s (with One Little Indian and Epic/ Sony), the band has continued to evolve throughout its subsequent career.

Redefining itself with a constantly changing musical palette, No-Man has most recently released material through celebrated post- progressive label Kscope, and built up a loyal worldwide following drawn to the band’s increasingly ambitious and personal sound.


Drawing from a diverse mix of minimalist, singer-songwriter, pop, art rock and ambient sources for inspiration, No-Man’s music is an emotional and powerful fusion of lush soundscapes, sensuous songs and sonic surprises.

Mixtaped Disc One:

No-Man’s complete Bush Hall live performance with 5.1 and stereo options (90 mins).

Live photo gallery – Including photos from all three of No-Man’s first live concerts in 15 years, with an exclusive soundtrack of the song Housekeeping (recorded live in Dusseldorf).

Mixtaped Disc Two:

Returning – A 90 minute career-spanning documentary including previously unseen footage, photos and images, and in-depth interviews with every member of No-Man past and present (including Tim Bowness, Steven Wilson, Ben Coleman and Chris Maitland).

Directed by award winning journalist Richard Smith, Returning is the story of No-Man.

At the start of their career, No-Man were described as ‘conceivably the most important band since The Smiths’ (Melody Maker). Almost 20 years later, they’re ‘Britain’s most underrated sorrowful sonic architects’ (Uncut).

Returning reveals for the first time the band’s full history from their roots in a teenager’s bedroom to an unsuccessful career in mainstream Pop; from near obscurity to increasing cult success.

Above all, Returning is the story of two musicians who’ve stuck to their belief in the transformative power of popular music, and the music industry’s sometimes tense relationships with art, commerce and its audience.


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Back When You Were Beautiful

Mixtaped (Trailer)

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Formed in 1987, No-Man is a British band comprising Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree).

The name No-Man was adopted in 1990 and first used on the self-released single, Colours (a Melody Maker, Sounds and Channel Four Planet Sound Single Of The Week).

Signed to labels including Kscope, One Little Indian and Sony, the band has so far produced six studio albums, a documentary dvd and a number of singles and compilations.

Originally creating ambient, dream pop and sample-based music, No-Man has subsequently embraced post rock, art rock and classical minimalist influences as its sound has become more organic and band-oriented.


Guest contributors to the band’s music have included King Crimson’s Robert Fripp and Pat Mastelotto, Porcupine Tree’s Colin Edwin and Gavin Harrison, Jazz luminaries Theo Travis and Ian Carr, Electronic artists Scanner and Faultline, Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club) and Dave Stewart (Egg/Hatfield & The North). Ex Japan/Rain Tree Crow alumni Jansen, Barbieri & Karn toured and recorded with the band in the early 1990s.

No-Man’s most recent studio album, 2008’s Schoolyard Ghosts, has been its best-selling to date and has received some of the most favourable reviews of the band’s career (being described by Classic Rock magazine as “truly sublime”).

Love and Endings (2012) is the band’s first officially released live album.

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