SW-HCESteven Wilson, four-time Grammy nominee, multi-instrumentalist and producer, released of his highly acclaimed fourth studio album, Hand. Cannot. Erase.

His fourth album Hand. Cannot. Erase. took it all to the next level. Taking inspiration from an astonishing and chillingly true story of a 38 year-old girl called Joyce Vincent who died alone in a bedsit in Wood Green in 2003 and, through a perfect storm of tragic circumstances, remained undiscovered for over two years. Hand. Cannot. Erase. perfected a lyrical and melodic journey of living in the city in today’s day and age.

Whilst progressive rock has always been a part of his musical vocabulary, stylistically, Wilson has never been exclusively tied to the genre, seen with his work on Hand. Cannot. Erase., Steven commented,  “The album has given me the chance to bring in other elements of my musical repertoire”. Wilson’s flag-waving fondness for the album format is simply evangelical, with Hand. Cannot. Erase. exhibiting musical genius at its best.

Wilson has always excelled at piano ballads, and the melancholic tones of ‘First Regret’ are of no exception, whilst ‘Hand. Cannot. Erase.’ provides a spontaneous energy affiliated with Wilson’s recognisable style. The meticulous composition in Happy Returns and overall exquisite coordination of this highly anticipated album will not disappoint.

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  1. First Regret (2.01)
  2. 3 Years Older (10.18)
  3. Hand Cannot Erase (4.13)
  4. Perfect Life (4.43)
  5. Routine (8.58)
  6. Home Invasion (6.24)
  7. Regret #9 (5.00)
  8. Transience (2.43)
  9. Ancestral (13.30)
  10. Happy Returns (6.00)
  11. Ascendant Here On…(1.54)

“Exquisite” FOUR STARS
Q Magazine, UK

“The Raven That Refused To Sing is, aptly, magic”
Metal Hammer 9/10

“A progressive masterpiece”
Classic Rock, UK

“…not only the album of the year but for sure a new classic Prog album”
This Is Rock, Spain

“…possibly the best album of his whole career”
10/10 Album of the month LH Magazin, Spain

“If you only buy one album for the rest of your life, buy this one!”
10/10 Eclipsed, Germany album of the month

“Steven Wilson is the greatest Prog mastermind of his time!”
Visions, Germany album of the month

“…there remains nothing than saluting Mr. Wilson for the third time”
9/10 Slam, Germany

“A hot candidate for ‘Record of the Year!”
9/10 Rock Hard, Germany

“a more inspiring and innovative record will not be released in 2013”
5/5 Guitar, Germany

“Progressive Rock’s prominent genius again with a great album”
Portal Esquizofrenia, Spain

“Steven Wilson at the height of his creative powers”
Sound & Vision, USA