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Mass for Atropos 1
Defense Mechanism

The holy waters of the blackened seas
A gulf that separated you and me
The shadows as they weep
A dog will chase its tail
The beauty of creation is alien
The solitude is your relief
Sunlight through the wall
Slamming of the door
The snake curled up in sleep
The rustle of the trees
You swore you would return
The hell is the others
And the heaven is a hell
It’s my own
It’s my story
All alone
It’s a defense mechanism
Fight or flight
Doesn’t matter
At least you’re not asleep
Your debts are paid in silver
And your last coin’s in the deep.
You think you want a taste of madness?
I think you know the taste of that wine..
A tower shining white
The stone within the plum
Don’t you know what they know?
The devil hates the sun
The brewer of the liars
Won’t need me for a while
The killer wears a blue suit
But I’m not wearing mine.
Fight or flight
It’s my own
It’s my story
All alone
It’s a defense mechanism
Watch them go by tired
All these beggars
Stage is soaked with sweat
And waltzing dead men
Whistling in alleys
Carpool tomorrows
Sealed and stamped with sorrow
Wasted, wounded
Now that I kissed her
Canned chatter
Burnout gold dust
Bury the dagger
Cain and Abel
Now that I kissed her
It’s a defense mechanism


I Was Never Here

I am the one you see
As breath upon your window
I am the voice you hear
Crows on the wire
Crows on the wire
I’m watching you
And I’m on fire
The faith is gone and love
Is gone with your disease
Dead black cherry trees
Can whisper of their sweetness
If you never come to see us
Sink into your soul
Please don’t wake me up
From dreamless sleep
I was never here



Don’t ask me again, what I’ve been doing
You know too well, you know too well
The thing that might surprise you even now is how
I’ve desensitized,
I’ve specialized
What I did was make for me a special place of disassociated perfect peace
I find it suits my moods and needs so very well
What I became
There is no match, there’s nothing you can say
To change my mind, to change my mind
What I did was make for me a special place
You’ve lost me now, you’ve lost me now
The disassociated peace you knew so well
Is in this shell
What I did was make for me a special place
Of disassociated perfect peace
I find it suits my moods and needs so very well
What I became, what I became



The river runs into the dawn
Discarded bones
As time to love and time to hate
Rush in my ears
Where the elements descend
Chance does not make change
So all your worries where fake
And I know just how you feel
All this indifference
In the world you made for her
Lives on
And now
Words are slow
The river runs the river knows
So now it wants
To get back to you
Dull is the sum of misery
They say give us flowers
So we roll in the mud
Every day that I burned
How to do and not be done
With the taste of ashes in a fire
And I know just how you feel
The indifference
Every time you look away
Mad and dead as nails
I never even stopped
And so it stopped for me
The touch of its hand is memory
A kiss to lead the blind
In water I hear slamming of doors
St.Christopher beneath the rocks
An empty dream of summer fields of daisies
Perfect endings
Stingless and sane
I want it now
All good is hard


Mass For Atropos 2 -
You’re Going To Die Up There
Missa Atropos

Eggshell dome
With the greenest grass
Here inside
The seat of power
Can’t get out of here
As its drawing near
You can’t love a stranger
As the early warning awaits you
Transform the morning light
There’s something on the dirty red horizon
Can’t be erased
You can’t believe it
You go on
You spit out words
Like you mean them
You’ve never believed it
You go on draining the fountain
You’ve wasted so long and
Now she’s a stain across the sky
The water is climbing
In here is only me
The road is turning
Her eyes are glazed and green
Your life was silver ribboned
And your love was like a shroud
The world is full of answers
Can you forget somehow?
It was clothes without a person inside
Just flesh and bone with a diamond ring
A machine with a set of keys
And the dome where I keep my dream
Wasn’t meant for you to ever see
So I trusted the queen of spades
And lost it all, lost it all indeed

She’s Awake

She’s awake now
In the cold night
Life is rushing in upon her from her window
She slept with faith to invent herself
And found a corpse on awakening
Like stories from another time she hears
The broken wind chimes


A wild feast
On a cruel sea
Where the weakest link is strong
In ecstasy
It’s you and me
You love and hate me
Vera, Vera
I’ll do anything
So you tell me
Why are the low men stronger?
So you tell me
To the candlelight and silver waltz
For the want of a life
Where the knife doesn’t stab so hard
For the want of some love
For the life of a stranger
For the good in the world
You can’t touch
Its coat tails
You know that birds sing after a storm
Delight in
What remained behind
So you tell me
Does a robot feel at all
Can you tell me
If happiness is born from desire
But I was lost in the ocean
All this good in the world
Every day that we learn from
All the good that we heard was there
But I ever only understood it backwards
The dizziness of freedom on the wave
Running for the shadows
Things will never change
The tyrant is opinion
The hardest thing you’ll ever do is leave


Will to Live

The time will come
When breathing screams to breathe
The will to live
The hour when the ship comes in
All you give
As the main sails lift
And the boats are sailing for the shore
The hour when your ship comes in
In candlelight
Where being is just being
There’s a silence feasting
In light it’s floating
Through a void the whole world could never fill
You charge windmills
But the snail sits still
As the ocean beats upon the shore
Of freedom in the chaos within
In candlelight
Where being is just being
There’s a silence feasting
In light it’s floating
Through a hole the whole world could never fill


Mass for Atropos 3
Splendid Isolation

When all of the swallows pass me by
They still make summer just a memory
You’re still the road where I was led
I think you always were,
I think you always were
And so you pound upon the door until you break
As if your will alone could be enough
But your will is a thousand miles away
Here on the giants shoulder
The eye of the endless wave
The light is aglow and you’re alone
I know there’ll always be a stowaway
In my head is the burden like a landslide
Purple clover
Moon faced queen
Crimson’s name is legion
If the price is right
Tell me one more time
Like you used to do
Though the shadow is large
Light will show the truth
Who you used to be
When I held your hand
Why did I comply?
If I did not believe
And all it took was all I could make it
So if your memory serves you well
You may remember what you have done
You call on me to talk to them
And later question why I’m gone
Well every plan you’ve had has failed
There is nothing more to say
Your judgements made by someone else
Did their wisdom serve you well?
Absence is fire
Hearts are whitest coal
Embers ghosts that die within
The dream is exploding
Letters never read
Stuck in our night of waiting.


An Audience

Tell it to the starfish
Tell it to the souls
Tell it to the stranger
That everybody knows
Turn this season of silence
Her eyes, her eyes are upon you now
Her tears will flow upon you now
Tell it to the starfish
You solved beauty
You saw beauty
Tell it to the starfish
Tell it to the ghosts
Tell it to the enemy
Taking your control
Her eyes, her eyes are upon you now
“You sold your name”