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Album info

music by mariusz duda
except “impression II” music by mariusz duda and maciej szelenbaum

gravestone hill (remix) and summerland (remix)
music by mariusz duda, magda and robert srzedniccy, lyrics by mariusz duda

recorded and mastered by magda and robert srzedniccy at serakos studio, warsaw, poland, march, july 2011

mixed and produced by mariusz duda, magda and robert srzedniccy

illustration, design and layout by travis smith

management rob palmen at rpmp agency

kscope label contact: Linn Hutchison


impression I - 5:29
md – vocals, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, fender jazz bass, keyboards, percussion

impression II - 4:04
md – acoustic guitar, effects
maciej szelenbaum – piano

impression III - 7:03
md – kalimba, fender jazz bass, acoustic guitar, ukulele, keyboards, percussion
maciej szelenbaum – flute
wawrzyniec dramowicz – drums

impression IV - 3:57
md –vocals, acoustic guitar, fender jazz bass, keyboards, the book, the sea

impression V - 5:02
md –fender jazz bass, ukulele, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion

impression VI - 7:33
md – vocals, ukulele, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion
maciej szelenbaum – flute, strings

impression VII - 3:13
md – ukulele, glockenspiel, fender jazz bass, percussion

impression VIII – 4:24
md – ukulele, keyboards, effects
maciej szelenbaum – piano, quzheng


thank you to my family, friends and fans for your support and belief

Album info

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