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Kscope Podcast Ninety Eight – Gazpacho Soyuz Interview

Welcome to the Kscope Podcast, episode 98, in which we share an interview with Gazpacho‘s Thomas Anderson backstage as the band prepared for their performance at London’s The Dome in support of new album Soyuz.

Thomas explains what the tour means to the band, the meanings and concepts behind Soyuz, and gives a clue as to how the band’s unique sound is created. Plus, he and podcast presenter Billy Reeves swoon over the gorgeous singing of Mr Jan-Henrik Ohme, just out of his earshot…

As Kscope gears up to ten years as an official label and 100 Podcasts, we give a clue as to how you can join in the celebrations, and play a spin of an historic release.

Also included: brand new music from the new album from Mariusz Duda’s Lunatic Soul.

On this podcast:

Gazpacho (tracks taken from Soyuz)
Emperor Bespoke
Soyuz Out
Artist Page

Wherever There is Light (taken from Schoolyard Ghosts)
Artist Page

Lunatic Soul
The Art of Repairing (taken from Under the Fragmented Sky)
Artist Page

Releases in 2018…

Gleb Kolyadin ‘Gleb Kolyadin’
The debut solo album from the virtuoso Iamthemorning pianist featuring an impressive list of guest performers.
Artist Page

Paul Draper ‘Live at Scala’ & EP THREE
Live concert recording from the ex-Mansun frontman featuring a pulsing live atmosphere at full throttle at London’s Scala. EP Three is a digital only release.
Artist Page

Porcupine Tree ‘Deadwing’ & ‘In Absentia’
The rare and coveted albums that marked the band’s breakthrough finally remastered and reissued on vinyl.
Artist Page

Tangerine Dream ‘Quantum Key / Quantum Gate’
Tangerine Dream have been a fundamental influence on electronic and progressive music since their formation in West Berlin, 1967.
Artist Page

TesseracT ‘Sonder’
Sonder adds significant firepower to the band’s arsenal, blending the harsh abrasiveness of One (2011) and progressive ethereal elements of Altered State (2013) with the accessibility of Polaris (2015). This is one of the releases that you can’t miss.
Artist Page

Gazpacho ‘Soyuz’
The Norwegian art rock group are back. This time with the story of the doomed Russian space capsule Soyuz and its iconic captain Komarov.
Artist Page

Mansun ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern (21st Anniversary Remastered Edition)
The iconic #1 debut album from British Legends Mansun is celebrated with a new remaster, with new material in deluxe formats.
Artist Page

Lunatic Soul ‘Under the Fragmented Sky’
The new album and follow up to 2017’s critically acclaimed Fractured, marking the 10th anniversary of the Lunatic Soul story.
Artist Page