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About this episode

Gavin Harrison, Porcupine Tree’s drummer, has taken time out from working with King Crimson to record a contemporary jazz album, based on his love of brass arranging; using as its source material his favourite Porcupine Tree songs, melodies and leitmotifs.

The result is astonishing; a kind of heavy rock Lalo Schifrin, and Gavin explains the influences behind the project in an exclusive interview here. Plus you’ll hear some of the pieces on ‘Cheating the Polygraph’.

Continuing the Steven Wilson theme you’ll hear a track from the new North Atlantic Oscillation ‘Glare’ EP, a Wilson remix of ‘Wires’ (released to coincide with the band’s mini-tour, and talking of concerts… two tracks from Kscope concert –movie albums from Katatonia & Nosound.

In this podcast

In this podcast
North Atlantic Oscillation – Wires (Steven Wilson)(from ‘Glare’ EP)
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Digital –

Gavin Harrison (from Cheating the Polygraph)
- Hatesong / Halo
- The Start of Something Beautiful
- Sound Of Muzak / So Called Friend
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Katatonia – Omertà (from Sanctitude)
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Nosound – I Miss The Ground (from Teide 2390)
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