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All the Wars

All The Wars, the new album from The Pineapple Thief, is OUT NOW on Kscope.

The album is the latest step for the band who over the last few years have truly emerged onto a higher stage... bigger and better tours, triumphant festival slots, recording at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios, artwork designed by Storm Thorgerson and new management all give the sense of act who are destined for greater things.

Much of this is down to the band’s 2010 album, Someone Here Is Missing, and the reaction it received. While this release, along with 2008’s Tightly Unwound, was many people’s introduction to the band they have actually spent the past ten years quietly building up a dedicated fan base across the globe, selling over 50,000 records and nurturing their ‘bittersweet’ progressive sound.

All The Wars marks another leap in the band’s progression, as frontman Bruce Soord continues to mature as a songwriter and the band’s ever growing confidence and status allows them to move in bold musical directions, including the use of a 22-piece string section and a choir. Soord explains, ‘no expense has been spared regarding the production of this record but at its heart it’s still a rock record. It’s very heavy in parts and very delicate and beautiful in others.’

Following Storm Thorgerson's cover for Someone Here Is Missing, the artwork for this album features images created by the award winning photographer Mark Mawson as part of his Aqueous series. Shots from the Aqueous project were recently projected onto Buckingham Palace as the background to Paul McCartney's performance of Magical Mystery Tour during the diamond jubilee celebrations.

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The Limited 2CD digibook edition with bonus disc featuring exclusive acoustic versions of tracks from the album plus a 2012 version of Light Up Your Eyes.

Burning Pieces
Warm Seas
Last Man Standing (*stream or download above)
All the Wars
Build a World
Give It Back
Someone Pull me Out
One More Step Away
Reaching Out

SECOND DISC (acoustic versions)
Warm Seas
Reaching Out
Last Man Standing
One More Step Away
All the Wars
Every Last Moment
Someone Pull Me Out
Light Up Your Eyes

More info on All the Wars will be posted here in the coming weeks


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