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Introducing the photographer behind the artwork for All The WarsMARK MAWSON

The Pineapple Thief have teamed up with esteemed photographer Mark Mawson, whose Aqueous photography is being used throughout the artwork for their ninth album on Kscope, All The Wars.

Mark is an international award-winning photographer and most recently his Aqueous video was projected onto the walls of Buckingham Palace in front of The Queen for the backdrop of Sir Paul McCartney's 'Magical Mystery Tour' as part of the diamond jubilee celebrations in London. His Aqueous work has become very collectable in recent years and the series 'Aqueous Fluoreau' (from which the TPT artwork is taken) went viral at the beginning of 2012.

  Mark Mawson
Mark Mawson studio set up for the 'Aqueous Floreau' series


As soon as The Pineapple Thief saw the images in the series they knew that this was the perfect reflection for the new album. Bruce recalls when he was introduced to Mark’s work that ‘I thought it was extremely striking, as an initial image it had a ‘hook’ (if I can get away with using that musical analogy). But on further inspection, the way the colours interacted in such a complex and emotive way was, to me, just brilliant’.

As an album which explores the theme of separation, All The Wars needed artwork which truly reflected the music. ‘Because the music of The Pineapple Thief is dominated by the theme of our interactions with each other – birth, love, life, conflict and death, Mark’s photography complimented this perfectly.  The way the colours are interacting at first seem effortless,  but on closer inspection you can see the conflict, each burst of colour fighting to grab the place in life, but all of them somehow interacting, perhaps in a amicable way!  And on top of that, take a step back, the main cover image actually looks like an atomic bomb exploding.  Perfect really’. Bruce goes on to add that ‘it was really great to have the opportunity to use Mark’s work, especially as he has recently worked with Elton John and Paul McCartney.  The icing on the cake!’.


We recently met with Mark Mawson who answered some of our burning questions:

You’re considered a specialist in underwater photography. What inspired you initially to start experimenting with this format?

There are two sides to my underwater photography -  (1) people, which could be anything from fashion, beauty, sports people, celebrities or 'normal' people and (2) my 'Aqueous' work which is colours in water. I started shooting people underwater after doing a shoot that worked really well and looked beautiful, so I thought I would do a lot more of that style and specialise in it. I was inspired to shoot my Aqueous work after watching milk being poured into coffee. I was intrigued by the way the milk blended and flowed with the coffee. I had seen lots of ink in water imagery but I wanted to produce something which had more 'body' to the shapes that are formed.


You’ve admittedly spent a long time perfecting the process, what do you like about this type of photography?

I really enjoy the different shapes that can be produced and also the fact that different viewers can see different things in each shot, a bit like looking up at the clouds in the sky and seeing animals etc. I can control the process to a degree, obviously gravity plays its part, but by varying the density and volume of the liquids I use can give me different shapes.


Are you a big music fan? How did you come to be working on the Jubilee concert display?

I am a big music fan and listen to a whole range of genres depending on my mood, I don't think I have a favourite at the moment, too many to mention.

I shot an Aqueous video last year which was originally to be used as a giant backdrop for Elton John in his Las Vegas gigs. The same production company that I worked with on the video were producing the projections on Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee concert and thought it would work perfectly for Sir Paul McCartney's 'Magical Mystery Tour' number. That was a very proud moment seeing my work projected onto the Palace.


Musicians are constantly asked who inspires them to write the songs they do. Who in your field has been a marked influence to you?

Lighting plays a key role in my work and I'm mainly inspired by some great painters and cinematographers. Painters such as Caravaggio and cinematographers such as Vittorio Storaro and Conrad Hall inspire me greatly.


Some of your images feature people and some of them are more abstract – tell us what’s next to come from Mark Mawson?

Next will be more Aqueous work and underwater people & fashion. My Aqueous work is definitely taking over and is what I'm becoming known for.
I plan to exhibit at the Contemporary Gallery of The Fine Art Society in London in September. My work can be followed online through my web site, and the Behance Network, as well as keeping up to date on my blog and twitter.



Here’s your chance to win a unique set of 3 prints from Mark’s Aqueous Fluoreau series used in the artwork for All The Wars – Signed by Mark and The Pineapple Thief.

We want you to choose a song title from the forthcoming TPT album and take a photo which you feel is a cool visual representation of the song. The album track list is:

1. Burning Pieces 
2. Warm Seas 
3. Last Man Standing 
4. All the Wars 
5. Build a World 
6. Give It Back 
7. Someone Pull me Out 
8. One More Step Away 
9. Reaching Out

To enter you’ll first need to install the Instagram App which can be downloaded from

Submit your photo entry to Instagram with the hash tag #thepineapplethief and #allthewars and the band will pick their favourite images from the entries to create a set of 9 photos representing the album as a whole.
The photos will be displayed on this website over the course of the album release. There will be only 1 overall winner but you can enter as many photographs as you like, the winner of the prints will be picked at random from all the people who submit a photo.

Closing date for entries is September 24th

Get snapping – we can’t wait to see your photos!