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A message from Bruce

Someone Here is Missing

Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new SHIM (Someone Here is Missing) mini-site put together by the good folk at Kscope. 2010, 'The Year of the SHIM' marks a new direction for the band and Bruce's song writing. While this is still obviously a Pineapple Thief record, the sound has taken a new twist. Personally, we think it's the best twist we've ever made.

Perhaps that's why Storm Thorgerson was happy to design our album sleeve. He invited Bruce up to his studio (handily perched on top of a restaurant) where he sat him down on his psychiatrist’s chair and extracted all manner of deep, dark secrets from the inner reaches of his soul. From this, he and his team emerged with six wonderful sketches, one of which we had to choose for them to photograph for the design. Not an easy task.

There will be much more to divulge over the coming months, all of which will be documented on this site. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and if you're going to buy our album, don't miss out on the special edition, or the vinyl for full art effect! I'm trying to think of ways you could remind yourselves...