Ulver announce a new tour for 2014

Ulver have announced a new tour. The band will be playing 11 shows around Europe in February ahead of a date in Moscow in April and their appearance at the Maryland Deathfest in May.

The band have described the shows in a statement on their website:
“We will be doing a few concerts next year.
To those of you wondering what to expect we can reveal that the February dates will consist of partly new and improv-based material, likely to revolve around motifs already familiar to our familiars. We had a good experience doing just that (improv) in Oslo in August, so a more free-ranging form is what we are aiming for this time.  
We are looking forward to get out there, and hope for some interesting music to be born those evenings and nights. We also aim to document some of it for those of you who cannot come.”


Tour Dates are as follows;
1/02/14 – Savoy Teatteri, Helsinki, Finland
5/02/14 – B90, Gdansk, Poland
6/02/14 – Lido, Berlin, Germany
7/02/14 – Akropolis, Praha, Czech Republic
9/02/14 – Dynamo Grosser Saal, Zurich, Switzerland
10/02/14 – Szene, Wien, Austria
11/02/14 – Backstage, Munich, Germany
12/02/14 – Werkstatt, Kolin, Germany
13/02/14 – 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
15/02/14 – Bloom Mezzago, Milano, Italy
16/02/14 – Circolo Degli Artisti, Roma, Italy
26/04/14 – Club Volta, Moscow, Russia
23/05/14 – Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore, USA



Kscope are pleased to announce the new album from Ulver, Messe I.X - IV.X



Album Quotes Trailer (track: 'Son of Man')


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The music was commissioned last year by the Tromsø Kulturhus (House of Culture) in Norway, in a cooperation with the Arctic Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra cultural institution. It was composed and first performed live by Ulver, alongside the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra on September 21 2012. The band then took the recordings back to Oslo and spent winter and spring in post-production, honing the material for its studio-equivalent.

The follow up to 2011’s acclaimed Wars of the Roses, Messe I.X–VI.X is a different entity; reverberating 2007’s somber and solemn Shadows of the Sun, with the band even going as far as to say it feels like a companion piece to it. The album also echoes the early electronic experiments of EPs Silence Teaches You How to Sing and Silencing the Singing, and is furthermore said to invoke the ghost of an abandoned Nattens madrigal renaissance-project.


Six compositions altogether written and produced, recorded and mixed by Ulver, this time consisting of Ole Alexander Halstensgård, Kristoffer Rygg, Jørn H. Sværen and Tore Ylwizaker, with additional aid and advice from composer Martin Romberg who also arranged the music for the 21 members of Tromsø Chamber Orchestra. The album also features the extraordinary talents of contemporary composers/musicians Ole-Henrik Moe and Kari Rønnekleiv.

The Norwegian masters have evolved over the past two decades to cross an astonishing body of disciplines, taking in ambient, avant-garde, electronic, psychedelic, prog and jazz influences. Now it is their electronic, atmospheric and classical sensibilities which come to the fore. In a short message to their fans – subtly alluding to the darkness of history – the band named some of their influences for Messe I.X–VI.X:
«Gorecki’s No. 3: Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. It haunted us for years and probably always will. The Gustavs Mahler and Holst. Sound collages from When or Nurse with Wound. 70’s kraut and synth. Ash Ra and Autobahn. 80’s pop scores. John Carpenter and Tin Drum. Terry Riley, again and again and again. Saint John of the Cross.»
Ulver summer 2013

As Syrians Pour In, Lebanon Grapples With Ghosts of a Bloody Past
Shri Schneider
Glamour Box (ostinati)
Son Of Man
Noche Oscura Del Alma
Mother Of Mercy

KscopeKscopeMesse I.X–VI.X is now available to pre-order on CD and vinyl. The limited CD edition of the album is presented in 'mini-LP' style packaging with an 8 page poster book. Order your copy here

The LP edition of the album is pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve with a 24" folded poster. All orders placed through the Kscope store will also come with a download card.

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The album will be available on LP (which comes with a 24" poster), download and on CD in a digibook

The vinyl and CD editions of the album are now available to pre-order from the Kscope store.


Album Teaser


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Also available on Kscope

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